Guidance is Everywhere

Messages From God

Divine Guidance. Who gets it? We all do. Who hears it? I haven’t figured that out yet. I try, but I think most of the time I just hear what I want to hear, and in that respect I’m probably much the same as the 70% of people in the world who believe in a Divine being or Creator of one kind or another.

In my experience most of the time the Divine doesn’t actually talk to us. Usually the interaction is through feelings and repetitive ideas, signs in the outside world pointing you in the right direction, and other life forces that push you the way you need to go. The trick is to become aware of the process and how it works, how to get hand in hand with the Divine, with God, who communicates with us through the agencies of Angels, Ascended Masters, and our spirit guides.

Archangel Michael

By the way, don’t quote me on that percentage, above. I have not verified it to be true, but I’m trusting to the movie Contact, with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. The book on which the movie was based was written by Carl Sagan, and I figure he knows what he’s talking about, plus with Jodie Foster you just can’t go wrong.

At university I studied, among other things, Anthropology, History, Psychology, and Sociology. I eventually graduated (with very average marks) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a double major in History and Anthropology. Consequently I got a job in the public sector and worked in Information Technology related fields my entire working career, as many Arts students do. 🙂

Why do I mention this? Well I am simply showing how very unqualified I am to talk about faith, God, or Divine Guidance. That being said, I’m going to do it anyway. This is my blog and I’ll do it if I want to.

We Are All “Works In Progress”

My own personal experience of the revelation of God in my life is very private to me, and I do not want to reveal it. All I can say is I know, although I cannot prove it to others, that God is real.

As it turns out, this is quite a problem for me in one way, because I simply cannot believe everything I read in the Bible. After all, I’m an Anthropology and History major. For instance, I believe in reincarnation. Nothing will budge me on that one. And this whole idea about Eve – and consequently all us evil women following her – being responsible for Original Sin, well that is completely unacceptable. Because of this I have had a lot of trouble seeing myself as a “Christian”, but at the end of the day I believe love of God and Jesus Christ (whom I also believe to be the Ascended Master Lord Sananda) is all that is required, and we should claim that status. So now I call myself a Christian, even though I cannot believe in all aspects of the doctrine.

Our Brain Is Not There Just To Keep Our Ears Apart

But my point is that I believe God loves us regardless, and we are given a brain to use, not to ignore while jumping onto some dogmatic bandwagon to follow a set of rules that were, ultimately, written by men for the control of the population.

Having done a little History I know that the Bible as we know it today was finally compiled more than three hundred years after the death of Jesus, and that certain Gospels were rejected because they did not support the currently acceptable political atmosphere and goals and direction of the Church, including Gospels that contradicted the apparently inferior, even negligible, role of women in the new religion, and any Gospel that referred to reincarnation. These rejected Gospels became the Apocrypha.


Emperor Constantine

Were the men, gathered under Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea in AD 325, guided by the Divine when they selected the books to be included in the official Bible? I believe so, but then it doesn’t really matter what I believe. God knows all, but that doesn’t mean, surely, that every move, every step, is orchestrated, even when it comes to putting together the Holy Bible. God gave us a brain to use. That is such a strong belief of mine that I have to trust it; we are not meant to be “sheep” or a “flock”. We are meant to think for ourselves.

But back to the Council of Nicaea and the compilation of the Holy Bible: the fact is it was still a very political process, and we should bear in mind that there is other information out there, other Gospels that could be considered to contradict and / or expand on the current accepted texts.

If there is information to be had we should have it, read it, use it, not ignore it because it is not the currently approved version. In my mind it’s contradictory to say we should ignore what are called the Apocrypha, since that’s the same as saying God screwed up. Nonsense, in my view, naturally. More likely men screwed up by ignoring those Gospels, and God got it right by making sure they would be found anyway and trusting that at least some of us would have the wits to see it.

As I see it we are guided by an admittedly all-knowing and all-loving God, but we are here to learn for ourselves. But, and this is the magical thing I have found in my own journey, no matter how stubborn and wrong I am about something and no matter how far or fast I’m cannoning down the wrong path, or how deep I am in a big pile of ‘nure, if I sit down quietly and pray to God for guidance and direction … then I see miracles unfold in my life. Things happen. Synchronicities take place which guide me along. Sometimes people will just start talking to me about the very question to which I need an answer. With eyes and ears open to the world around us we find that God will talk to us in any way He can. He is always talking, always guiding. All we need to do is pay attention.

Ask And You Shall Receive

So how do we hear Divine Guidance? Well first of all we have to ask for it, and we do this through prayer. Answers will often come through meditation, if you practice the art. If not, they will come in other forms. You might hear words on your favourite TV program that answer your question. You might see a billboard with a repetitive message. Somehow, some way, you will be guided to the answer.

But – and this is a big ‘but’ that can trip us up – sometimes the answer we get doesn’t seem to fit the question. Sometimes the question is wrong, the assumptions are wrong. Just keeping an open mind, thinking about what has happened and what you prayed about, and the picture clarifies. I promise. It is also important to remember that no one way works for all. Your own instinctive reaction is very important. Trust yourself, but not your arrogance or ego. They will lead you astray every time. But if you truly want to know, from a place of willingness, then it will come.

In my experience those waiting for God to talk through the thunder-clap will most likely be waiting a long time. But with prayer and meditation, paying attention to the signs and information around us, we get the answers we need.

It is almost as if the very act of praying and asking for Divine Guidance unlocks the floodgates. Once you tune in to the way the Divine talks to us you start to see the answers everywhere. It really is a beautiful and miraculous thing.

There are no guarantees about life. Getting in touch with Divine Guidance does not, by any means, mean a pain-free or trouble-free life. But it does instil a greater degree of trust and faith in the process of life.

Namaste _/\_ ✨

Copyright © Faith White 2015


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