Once I was a daughter

When I was little my father used to tell me that if I told anyone what he did to me I would be taken to the funny farm. He even took me there one day, to see the long low building on top of a hill, surrounded by trees. The funny farm, the place I now know was Heathcote Mental Hospital. That’s where I would go, he said, if I ever told anyone about what he did. I was a bad girl, but he loved me, and as long as I didn’t say anything I would be safe.

Since beginning to recover memories of the years of sexual and physical abuse suffered through my childhood and into early adulthood, I have experienced a variety of traumas. Relationship trouble with my son, who didn’t know who to believe, me or my family who all denied that what I said was the truth. Years of stalking and harassment and, as I have just yesterday confirmed beyond shadow of a doubt, years of electronic torture. I will write more about this in succeeding blog posts, but suffice it to say that, until I went out and disconnected my caravan’s power from mains power and started to rely on my batteries, I had no idea how extensive and pervasive the electronic harassment could be. It truly is torture, and deserves more attention than I have the time or patience to give it here, in this present moment.

As I say, I disconnected my caravan from mains power, after reading an article online about how electronic torture worked and was used to torment victims until they were declared insane, or until they committed suicide. Disconnecting from AC power turned my life around, instantly, and the terrible symptoms and experiences I was having stopped in their tracks. These experiences commenced in 2011 and grew steadily worse in succeeding years. In the process I have lost all my relationships and my job, my health is destroyed and I am living in a caravan park on a government pension.

The aim of my tormentors appears to have been to have me diagnosed as schizophrenic, or have me commit suicide. They claimed that I was valuable as I am clairvoyant, and what they wanted was my complete surrender, and that I place myself into their hands. I now believe this to be nonsense. Multiple times they urged me to commit suicide. This harassment also entered my workplace, in the West Australian State Public Service, with, as it appeared, the assistance of police officers and my employer up to Director General level at the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

Whilst I cannot be sure of all the facts, this is certainly how it appeared. The symptoms persisted inside the workplace, and the Director General herself would come and stand behind my desk and tell me “everything’s going to be ok”. Supposedly I was being monitored by police officers whilst at my workplace because, as I understand it, I was suspected of a crime. I will fully expand on these details, and the events around them, in my journal, which I am posting online, and in later blog posts. I would appreciate no comments on this at this time.

I expect also in the fullness of time, when health and finances permit, that legal action will be a necessity, both for my own benefit and that of others, especially my son. I deserve justice, and compensation for what has been done, especially within my workplace where these criminals apparently had free reign, though for what reason I have yet to ascertain. What was their story to management? Whatever it was, it was a lie, and a lie I intend to expose. But, with the help, aid and assistance of my employer and work colleagues, they destroyed my reputation and robbed me of a substantial salary. At this present moment I’ll be lucky if I can gain employment – assuming I’m well enough – cleaning out rubbish bins. I was on an income of over a hundred thousand per year.

This indeed sounds like paranoia, but I can assure the reader that it is not. I have been assessed by multiple psychiatrists, and the worst mental problem I have, aside from complex post traumatic stress disorder (the result of recovering memories of severe and sustained abuse, and violent death), is a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder which caused intrusive thoughts. This condition, diagnosed in 2013, was new, and appeared to be the direct result of the electronic torture and the breakdown I experienced as a result of the harassment in the workplace. In conjunction with all this I have also been the victim of organised stalking, which included intrusions into my place of residence, and my caravan.

These problems began in my life shortly after I encountered an individual on Twitter in 2010, by surname Yang, two years after starting to recover the memories. In the course of events that followed it appears that he may have been hired to drive me to suicide or to a mental institution, and I believe that the reason for this torment was the recovery of memories, long repressed, which included the apparent murder of a man, and my own torture and rape, and two separate attempts on my own life.

I believe my father was serious when he said that if I ever told anyone about what he did I would go to the funny farm. Apparently there is no statute of limitations on that kind of threat, just as there is no statute of limitations on murder, as I hope, trust and pray he will soon discover when he is brought to justice.

God bless

FaithΒ πŸ™πŸ’ž


Copyright Β© Faith White 2015


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