Protecting innocent eyes

As I have turned the AC power back on in order to keep my three-way fridge cool (turning to DC on the fridge had drained my batteries in less than 24 hours), I spent the night being a pin cushion and awoke feeling like I was in the middle of a crowd of assholes all jeering at me.

This was in distinct contrast to yesterday morning when, after having turned off the AC power, I awoke feeling as though I had just started a month in the country on a luxury holiday. It was the first time I’ve felt like that in four or five years. It was blissful, and I want more.

But there was that bloody fridge, and my financial restriction that prevents me buying a new load of food, so I had to leave the power on. Grrr, and now I have the headache to prove it.

So I did a little research and found that the three-way fridges (which lack a compressor) work very nicely on gas, and horribly inefficiently on battery, and a standard 9 kilo gas bottle will keep them going for weeks. So I’m off later to get a new gas bottle, since my current one is almost exhausted.

Oh yes I live in luxury here in my little old Roma caravan. Pure bloody luxury. If it were not for my wonderful son I’d be in the ‘nure completely, as he supplements my income and makes sure I can maintain some standard of living. He is extraordinarily generous, and I sincerely hope I can bless him with the financial remuneration he deserves, not to mention lots of mother love spoiling, some time in the future when my fortunes turn for the better.

Protecting an innocent young man

The stalkers have tried to convince me many times, through what they call their “brain drain program”, that my son is not only involved with them, that he believes I was not raped by my family and others but participated willingly, and that I am an embarrassment and he wants me removed. While this has been very painful for me to hear, I do not believe it, and in fact know it is not true. So what is their purpose in making such claims, aside from pure sadistic pleasure and cruelty?

This scenario reinforces my experience at work, where it was implied that I was being investigated for a crime, and that was the excuse for the extreme harassment I experienced, and that further, they too claimed that my entire family supported them.

This is emotional and psychological warfare of the cruellest kind, and can be treated with the contempt it deserves. However my son is alone in the event of my death, and perhaps they will collaborate to hurt him in order to protect themselves. The perpetrators have every reason to try to implicate him:

  • This program of theirs has suffered some exposure and they may well need someone to blame and I believe the situation is being managed to set my son up to take the fall for the crimes of others. This cleans up their entire problem.

  • My son can testify as to the veracity of my character, and this directly threatens one of their if-then-else plans to blame me in the event I confirm the murder that I remember actually took place, the murder that, at the time, I was told I had been set up for by my father, and that if I ever revealed the truth I would go to prison for it. My son can testify that I have never been either lascivious or violent, and in fact lived like a nun for as long as he can remember.

  • Expanding on the point above, my son can testify to my character in the years since he was born in direct contradiction of the character assassination plot enacted in my workplace that destroyed my career and reputation.

  • If I can be made to believe my son is involved to his detriment, they think they can prevent me speaking out for fear of consequences to him.

  • He is my one support in this time of horror and that gives me a feeling of safety and security they need to deprive me of.

It is possible that the apparent spearhead of the program against me, the man I believe was hired to dispose of me, may have intimidated, set up, or otherwise hurt or threatened my son whilst my son was visiting the United States. Indeed, the individual concerned, named elsewhere on this site, claimed as much, although through the deniable medium of tweeting. My son did deny this had happened, but I cannot overlook the possibility that he was afraid, or trying to protect me. The strong likelihood, however, is that it was just fear mongering on the part of the perpetrator of the crimes I discuss in these pages.

It is my earnest desire that my son be shielded and protected from the accusations of a gang of hired thugs who will try to hurt him to prevent his investigating their claims in the future in the event of my death and his reading my journals, and giving witness to what he was told – in other words lies from fellow police officers, or my wider family, about an investigation, or a situation, that somehow involves me and disguises their true role in my victimization.

Why gang stalking and electronic harassment? Because it makes you crazy

One of the effects of the electronic harassment and gang stalking – at least whatever variety it is that is being done to me – is that over time it makes you feel like you are being watched all the time and everywhere you go. This is obviously one of the reasons the diagnosis of pure-bloody-loony is made when victims are unaware of what is being done to them. The other reason of course is that the aim IS to make you crazy, and these people know what they are doing.

Best case scenario for the victim, this kind of situation keeps you terrified and hunted, poor and off-balance and unable to pursue any possible legal action the people you believe to be the instigators.

Worst case scenario you are completely debunked and defamed, and, if not dead by your own hand, or poverty and sickness, or incarcerated in a mental institution, you have been rendered voiceless because your own erratic behaviour in response to a terrible situation makes people think you are unbelievable and unreliable.

I think the main reason the story seems unbelievable to people, aside from the fact that one hears little or nothing about it in mainstream media, is that it is not quick. By nature, this kind of victimization is about debunking the victim, driving them bonkers, and it is a long-term process and, as far as I can tell, nearly impossible to prove. They know going in it will potentially be a program that takes years.

But it does bear an immediate benefit – the victim is focussed on the stalkers, and cannot take action on the reason for the stalking, even assuming they know what it is. Internet searches indicate this kind of victimization happens for all sorts of reasons, reasons not always known to the targets. I am lucky in being an exception to that, as I am now well aware of the reason for my victimization. although I haven’t always been.

The rule of law no longer exists

This is an invisible way to murder someone. It also uses technology and techniques that are undetectable to officials. Where individuals can be targeted, effectively murdered by extension, and there is no proof or recourse to law, then the rule of law no longer exists. We are now living in a society where the rule of the criminal, the well-heeled thug, can destroy lives at will.

There must be no apparent crime because if there is eyes will turn towards possible perpetrators. Obviously in my case, making me appear crazy both debunks my claim of years of sexual abuse by a former police officer, as well as the murder I witnessed, and prevents him and my family from being investigated for the crime of getting rid of me in some way or another, and also lets the people at my former place of employment, who participated to a great degree, off the hook for what they have done, hence their motive in hiding the truth.

The process of organised or gang stalking, particularly combined with electronic harassment, is about destroying the target’s life, one piece at a time. I presume the process is expensive. Someone, somewhere, has paid a lot of money to make sure this happens.

Additionally, internet searches indicate again and again that it is often apparently legal or official organisations that are involved in, or perpetrate, this kind of termination. My experience has shown me that there must be police involvement in my own case. I presume these are individuals who are paid to abuse their positions. Who else can access organisations like Centrelink, and lawyers?

But I leave this to others to determine. For the moment I am focussed on the core group of people trying to eradicate me, and that is my family and former work colleagues who apparently found themselves on the wrong side of a legal and ethical argument and instead of fixing it, allowed the status quo to remain unchallenged and tried to hide the truth and collaborated to drive me out of my place of employment and into penury where I would, presumably, be both voiceless, and a soft target.

Measuring my life expectancy on a stopwatch

Now for the nitty-gritty. Over the past few days I have, out of desperation, published some of the gory details of the campaign of harassment and mental torment I have been subject to over the past four or five years, including naming names.

A desperate act indeed, as it potentially opens me to legal action.

I have done this as I do not believe it is right that I be expected to suffer quietly and allow people to commit these blatant crimes against me on an ongoing basis simply because they have driven me to a state of penury and I cannot afford legal representation.

Indeed, when I tried to get the help of lawyers I found some force followed me there, and with some apparently “official” story had made sure those doors were closed to me. Thus, naming and shaming, being open and honest about what has happened to me, is at this time the only option I have left. I will not be driven silently to my grave. I will speak, and I will leave as many breadcrumbs as I can in the event the worst happens.

Now that I have exposed details of the plot against me and, by extension of implication, my son, I now fear that my life, and his future, are in imminent danger. Information is now out there, but without the testimony of the victim, there is greater likelihood of everyone escaping justice.

I write these words simply to leave for posterity the story from my point of view, and in the event something does happen to me at least there is some kind of record. Ultimately, I hope that the act of writing this blog post in particular, highlighting what I believe to be my imminent danger, will in fact prevent such a repercussion, and render all threat null and void.

God bless

Faith 🙏💞

Copyright © Faith White 2015


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