Updating the Hail Mary Module – with a twist

Alice in La-La Land

Once upon a time I was in dreamland, thinking that what was happening to me was personal, and not professional. I now understand how mistaken I have been in so many, many things.

But of course that was the point. It was necessary that the powers that be on the move in my life disguised their true purpose and allowed me to think that it was personal qualities of mine which lead to my present situation.

They had to hide the truth, by whatever means possible. They also had to hide the identities of the people involved in the scheme to rob me of my credibility, my intelligence in the eyes of the wider world, and, if possible my sanity and/or life.

It seems no depth was too low for them to sink to, and over the course of the preceding years I have experienced every kind of lie one person can tell another. I have been used and abused, violated both mentally and physically, made to think I was psychic by means of electronic harassment, and deceived by a man who told me he was in love with me. While his feelings, as he claimed them to be, were not returned by me, they served to divert attention from the true purpose behind his actions.

Now, I am claiming to be clairvoyant. I appear to have had powerful clairvoyant experiences. But have I? I actually cannot be sure, and this is new for me. Until I disconnected my AC power on Thursday 25 June and experienced life without the electronic interference, I fully believed I had psychic abilities which had been repressed along with my memories.

But now I have to view everything I have experienced over the past five years with extreme caution. Because I did not know I was being interfered with, at least initially, I was credulous and gullible. Even later when I knew I was being tortured electronically, I still was unaware of the extent, range and powers of the equipment the gang stalkers had access to in its ability to bend and pervert an individual’s perceptions and experiences.

Electronic torture

Physical experiences and physiological responses from my own experience:

  • A high-pitched whine like a dentist’s drill, different from tinnitus – which I have experienced in the past – in that it causes muscle cramping up the neck and into the back of the head, and causes physical pain in the ears.

  • Sudden and painful air pressure changes in the ears.

  • Bangs and electrical clicks in the ears, the latter of which also caused a sensation like an electric shock.

  • Computer codes heard, for instance as though the numbers on a mobile phone are being pushed. Not a natural phenomenon, and I think it’s meant to be part of a brainwashing technique.

  • Over time my ear canals would close over completely and I could not insert a cotton bud.

  • Pain in the head, chest and arms, pressure in the head and chest accompanied  by ear pain and the high-pitched whine.

  • Extreme agitation responses elicited.

  • Foggy brain, memory loss, dizziness.

  • Experiences of menstrual cramping and diarrhea when subject to extreme high pressure exposure. The attack would start, very painful in the ears, and cause muscle cramping throughout my body, including the womb and bowel.

  • Severe and unusual headaches apparently caused by muscle cramping in the shoulders and neck and up the back of the head.

  • Incontinence.

  • Music at barely audible level being played over and over; ditto words and phrases, always abusive.

  • Onset of cysts, which I had never suffered before, perhaps the result of the high stress environment, and repeated infection of same.

  • Loud continuous sound in a monotone, that starts inaudibly but grows to loud audible level. It hurts the ears and affects mood, and desensitizes the mind to the noise. I noticed this particularly one morning when I returned to my apartment shortly after leaving it as I forgot my mobile phone. As I entered the apartment the noise was loud and continual and grated the teeth.

  • By causing wakefulness, irritability and mood swings, it is difficult to hold down a regular work routine, and it also affects work performance and interrelationships.

  • Malaise and inertia, combined with high-pitched painful whine in the ears.

Now while some of these symptoms can have other causes, I mention them as I experienced all of them as a result of the painful episodes of electronic harassment and in my mind are directly linked. This harassment was in operation to a greater or lesser extent twenty-four hours per day seven days per week, and it eventually followed me to my workplace, with, apparently, the aid and assistance of management.

No, not paranoia, a definite experience. I believe the hierarchy at work were told surveillance equipment was being installed – and apparently it was – but electronic torture devices were also installed so the prime stalker in charge of my eradication could affect and influence my behaviour at work to confirm the character assassination campaign and stories of my ex-friend and colleague. Which brings us to the Hail Mary Module.

A twist in the tale of the Hail Mary Module

The Hail Mary Module is a blog post I published a few months ago, and it seems I need to review events based on what I now know. I stand by what I wrote. The events as described certainly took place. But it seems they were motivated by more than mere revenge for a woman who turned down a man. I believe it was motivated not just by vengeance for a perceived slight, but by greed.

It seems my ex-friend and colleague is in league with people smugglers. Now bear with me and I will tie all the loose ends together in a spectacular display of literary acrobatics.

Making money from victims of crime

One thing I have omitted from my various writings is that people smuggling, or human trafficking, is one of the lines of business of – I fully believe, and hope to eventually prove – the man who was hired to dispose of me. Obviously he has diverse business interests.

Here is a scenario: all over the world there are victims or inconvenient people, people other people want disposed of. All those murders – which granted do happen – but it’s messy isn’t it? There are investigations and people get arrested. No, it’s such a slovenly way to do things. Suppose someone wants to get rid of their victim. That victim gets killed and all sorts of inconvenient questions are asked, and God forbid people should have to answer for their crimes. Much better to do it in a way that no questions get asked.

Could my prime stalker be in a line of business that guarantees satisfaction and deniability for his clients while he makes money on-selling them? The victim through a variety of brutal tactics, is convinced to hand him- or herself over. The stalkers get into the victim’s life and can make things look any way they want. No apparent crime has taken place, at least none that can’t be covered up.

From that point anything can happen. Being sold on the white slave market, being forced into prostitution, or just being pushed off a cliff or dropped into the ocean somewhere.

What if a hit man or paid assassin, a “mechanic”, can get two payments for the one victim? Or three? Or four? How sweet is that? One from the clients to get rid of her, and then another to sell her on or make money from her in some other way? Then, if it all goes pear-shaped and all other tactics fail, as in my case I presume, the electronic harassment, which has already been used anyway to make the victim suggestible and compliant, can be amped up to drive her over the edge.

As a background to this my stalker originally posed as a potential lover. When he failed to lure me out of the country to Shanghai, China, he dropped the mask and disclosed that he was planning to provide me to a man named Farrukh in Pakistan. Farrukh also confirmed that he was paying my stalker, Yang, for the provision of myself to him. Note, all this information was passed through the deniable medium of Twitter. But from this point I knew my stalker was engaged in human trafficking. Proving it, however, is a different matter. My testimony, as divorced as it is from real life conversational exchanges, would still be powerful testimony. More importantly, however, I can point to people I know, or at least very strongly believe, have had personal contact with the man I now despise as I acknowledge all the horror that he encompasses. More of this anon, in another post.

Back to the Hail Mary Module

This is where my not so charming erstwhile colleague, Francisco, comes into the picture. Ably assisted by the lead figure of the gang stalkers, Francisco put together a story that would cause me to a terminal breakdown, or be hounded out of the workplace and into servitude or death.

I believe I was physically assaulted as part of this process, but since already suffering PTSD and unable to deal with it, I repressed the memory. But now I have  disgusting, sickening flashes of images, smells and tastes to indicate such an event may have occurred and been a prime trigger of my decompensation in February 2013. I also believe, because of notes I wrote on my work computer, that the hierarchy at my place of employment were fully aware some such assault had taken place, albeit after the fact, but have conspired to hide the fact to avoid legal liability.

My prime stalker later claimed that I was to be installed now as Francisco’s wife, not Farrukh’s, and I was to be taught my place as a woman, but I think he just implied that to make me feel physically sick and to divert attention from what had really happened, and what had really happened involved Francisco’s lies intimately. They are the central core of the work setup.

When I asked what those stories were, I was told I would have to send a subpoena to the department, an allusion to (completely false) allegations that I was under police investigation, and in blatant abrogation of public sector management rules and regulations that an officer is entitled to read and respond to any negative report on their file.

Did the Director General and the Director of Human Resources neglect to update my file to reflect what was happening? If so, why, and at whose instigation?  

To understand this in scope of the wider story it is necessary to bear in mind one thing: always my elimination was to be deniable, to appear apparently unrelated to past or present people or events in a way that can tie the true story and players together, for instance, there cannot be seen to be a connection between the events at work and my family.

God bless

Faith 🙏💞


Copyright © Faith White 2015


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