Greed – The Energetic Invasion (Revised)


Reconstruction Of Energy Cords

Greed … have you felt it? I mean really felt it on an energetic level? Are you, too, an empath, or do you know someone who is? I believe most, if not all people, are empathic at their core. I believe this is a skill we are all born with but learn to suppress so we can survive in the world.

In referring to having the ability of “empathy”, I am not talking about empathic compassion, or the ability to, in common parlance, “emote” or “relate” to people. Rather, I am referring to what would actually be called a psychic or intuitive ability where you feel the emotions of other people, to a greater or lesser extent, almost as though they are your own. It is about feeling the emotion within you, and your own response to it, so you know exactly what the other person is feeling, if not why. This can be confusing, and very, very unpleasant.

My own empathic ability I now know has always been present, but I suppressed conscious knowledge and understanding of it as a result of traumatic childhood experiences. It began to resurface consciously around four years ago in response to a series of frightening events in my life. It enabled me to feel the intentions of the people around me, feel their emotions, even predict their behaviour to a certain extent, and it served to keep me safe during a very difficult and dangerous time.

Since the reemergence of conscious control and awareness of my own empathic and intuitive ability I have had some interesting experiences, and have been subject to the whole range of human emotions. One of the less pleasant emotions I have come into contact with has been greed, and it emanated from a man who, until the time under discussion, had been what I considered to be a friend.

Energetic Invasion

We were work colleagues, and friends in that arena. Aside from work related functions or birthday parties we did not socialize outside work; we had never had any kind of romantic or physical relationship, nor any discussion about such a relationship. I was not attracted to him in any way, and had no emotional attachment other than as a friend.

Eventually I identified that due to circumstances in this man’s own life he decided – and without first troubling himself to see if I were in agreement with him – to change the nature of our relationship. It appears he had a lot of confidence in his ability to be desirable to women, and that all he had to do was pick one.

His behaviour towards me changed in a variety of startling, and unwelcome, ways. Take it as understood that there were a variety of interactions and events that put context to the situation, which are not worth repeating here, and we’ll forge ahead.

This altered behaviour pattern towards me persisted, despite my protestations. We had worked in relatively close proximity for around ten years and I had never before witnessed this side of his character. I was both shocked and horrified, and rather baffled as to how I should best combat it. He avoided all direct discussion on the matter, rather laughing my protestations off and acting as though I were in jest. In conjunction with this I began to experience the primary emotion emanating from him, and attaching itself to me, and that emotion was greed.

A Fetid Stench

Now I’m not talking about the kind of greed that requires just three or four more donuts. I’m actually quite a big fan of that kind of greed, as my waistline can attest to. I’m talking about the kind of greed that is endemic, that can never be satisfied. It is a terrible, sticky, sucking and cloying feeling; it has a feeling of suffocation, and leaves a bitter, acrid aftertaste in the mouth along with a stench almost like rotting vegetation or effluent.


The Human Energy Field

In deciding to change the status of our relationship, this man had an eye on my income which was, at that time, very nice, thank you. But it was so much more than that: his energy sucked all over me as though he completely owned me, and as though he had the right.

From the time this man came in to the office I would be weighed down with this horrible, cloying feeling that emanated from him. It is important to understand that I felt these things because his feelings, his greed, were about me, and as I am a psychic I could feel it on every level. Many energy workers will explain this with the theory of energetic cords which people attach to each other.

In his mind I had become his property, and everything I had – physical and material – was his by proxy, and his energy slurped all over me from morning until I finally escaped the office in the afternoon. My instinctive reaction was one of complete rejection and horror. I could not help recoiling. Oftentimes I had to leave my desk to get away from it, and I would be gasping for air; I would go outside and stand in the sunlight and the wind to feel cleansed of it, but I had to go back inside again.

This, in conjunction with the physical interactions which were themselves most unpleasant, was truly offensive, and a gross violation of myself as an individual. As was everything that followed on later, I have to add, although that is outside the scope of this article.

You might say, as most people would, that he is not responsible for the fact that I could feel his emotions. Not so at all. I was violated by them because they were about me. It would be much more accurate to say, instead, that I was not responsible for HIS emotions, so why should I be so violated by them?

Abuse of Women at Work (Source

Abuse of Women at Work (Source

To me it brings to mind the Bible’s condemnation of the Seven Deadly Sins, of which greed is one. Having felt the energy of one who encompasses greed in every way, I can understand how the predominance of this emotion in a person is damaging both to him- or herself, and to those around that individual.

Greed Can Never Be Satisfied

Now we all experience greed, every single one of us, in one way or another. We’re all human and no one is perfect. But the person who indulges greed, whose every action is driven by greed, is a very different thing. I think I can truly say that this man WAS greed, if you take my meaning. It felt like his entire being was defined by it. If you wanted to know what greed at its worst felt like, go get a load of this guy. Part of the reason his emotions hit me so hard is because he was an expert at greed, and it defined who he was. But until he decided I was his property I had only felt it on a periodic basis.

He later launched a vendetta against me because I refused to associate with him as a result of his ongoing behaviour and the distress it caused me, and in this process he also encompassed greed. Can greed ever be satisfied? He wasn’t content with spreading rumours, he wanted me tarred and feathered and driven out of the workplace, and effectively I was.

I’m A Psychic And That’s OK

I believe he is still engaged in his mud-slinging. His vendetta is now defined and fuelled by his greed for revenge over a perceived insult. He will never, can never, be satisfied. His over-reaction to a perceived rejection was as strong as his prior belief in his ownership of me, also “real” only in his own perception. Additionally I had to deal with the full horror that was his greedy quest to absorb me and my income into his life to solve his own personal problems. When is the world going to wake up and recognise that psychics and empaths are real and they have rights?

He was, fully and completely, the author of his own fantasy, based on nothing other than his arrogance, greed, and conceited belief that a woman should be grateful for his attentions and of course would not dream of turning them down. In fact I’d go further than that, that the woman did not have the right to turn them down. That attitude came through very strongly. The whole story existed inside the one square foot of his own head, and yet caused so much pain and ongoing trouble for many people, and most of all for myself, his target.

I think it is clear that we are programmed as a society to admire the one who is all smiles and apparent generosity. We are not even allowed to criticise that person. Have you ever noticed that? No one will criticise the one who is seen as the all-generous, “hail good fellow well met” kind. Many in this category are completely genuine, but not all by a long shot. For the greedy jackass this is the ultimate disguise. Just because he is nice to you it doesn’t mean you have to pay him for it, does it? But it does. He acquires his power and reputation via the “network”, his character as seen by the many, so when he strikes he can do so with impunity. His word is law, he cannot be gainsaid, and he leaves bodies in his wake.

Namaste _/\_ ✨

Copyright © Faith White 2015


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