At this time I am offering my clairvoyant services, free of charge and without any obligation, to those I feel are in genuine need of my help. I am a clairvoyant and empath and I use visionary and sensory input to receive information pertaining to a particular person or topic, past, present or future.

I do not work for any other person or agency, and nor am I a salesperson. The contact details you provide will not be used for any purpose other than to engage in this process.

Having said that it is my own practice never to use my main email account on web pages. No website is secure and I am sure WordPress is no better or worse than others. While I will never share your information intentionally there is no denying this information is stolen every day, and my personal recommendation for all web activity is to create a secondary email account in order to ensure only those you choose to impart the information to have access to your main email account.

It is important to know that while a request for a free reading may be submitted to me, this service will not be available to all who request it; but if I feel it appropriate that I do the reading I will do so. Also, I will only perform a reading for the person who requests it, and for those 21 years and over.

Should the reading be approved and performed, you will be contacted within seven days of my receipt of the request, by which time I will either have done the reading and advise of the results, or I will advise an estimation of delivery. The outcome of the reading will be sent by email to the address provided and will not be shared by me with any other party.

If you wish to request a reading, please enter the requested information below.

God bless 🙏💞

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